The quality of our wines is directly linked to the health and wellness of the people and environment in which we operate. Australian Vintage is committed to creating positive change with sustainable action across people and planet. 

Renewable Energy

We are proud to be 100% powered by wind and solar energy, with 30% coming from solar panels on site at the Buronga Hill winery and the balance coming from off site wind and solar parks through our partner Flow Power. We see energy as an effective method of reducing our carbon footprint and also connecting with the communities that surround our operations in Australia and around the world.

Supply Chain

We are committed to continuing to build a transparent and traceable supply chain that upholds high standards of business conduct and respect for human rights and the environment. Policies are being implemented to support appointment of suppliers that are aligned with our sustainability goals and ambitions.


Water is a critical part of our production, so we are continuing to consider how we can best conserve water used in our vineyards, treat water to be returned to the environment and off setting our consumption with Water Stewardship and partnerships.

Health and Safety

Safety of our team and those across our supply chain is of the utmost importance . We are continuously working to enhance global standards and process to create a safe environment for our people.

Responsible Consumption

As a producer of alcohol we take responsible consumption of alcohol very seriously by promoting moderation in drinking within marketing and brand communications. No and low alcohol products are an important addition to our innovation stream, adding high quality and great tasting products with a low ABV to the Australian Vintage portfolio.